Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Heroes - Being Thoughtful & "Helpful"

Monday: 9th March - I ordered McDonald's McChicken and Chicken McNuggets for my little heroes. It doesn't sound like a healthy dinner but hey...I guess having fastfood for dinner once in a blue moon will not do much harm (okay, okay...I have to admit, I was the one who was craving for McD's Spicy Fried Chicken!!). Anyway, I've decided to archive this little conversation that took place while we were having dinner.

Wei Jin: Mommy, why didn't you order anything for daddy?
Me: Daddy has gone outstation. He's only coming back this Friday.
Wei Jin: I see. Can I keep one piece of nugget for daddy?
Me: No. You can eat all.
Wei Jin: But, why?
Me: The nugget will be rotten by Friday. It cannot be eaten by then.
Wei Jin: Okay. But, can I keep half of my burger for daddy so that he can eat on Friday?
You Jin: Never mind. No need. If you cannot finish, you pass to me. I can help you finish it.
Me: *smiles*

What a thoughtful little kid (and one greedy!) This is very unusual of Wei Jin because usually he is very reluctant to share the food that he enjoys. As for You Jin, I guess he was just trying to be "helpful" :D


erinalaw said...

It was so sweet of your son. Must be daddy pet.

Alvin said...

Cheeseburgers are my best friend in Germany. The cheapest on the menu, at 1 Euro each.. :(

Ai-Ling said...

erinalaw: yup, they are daddy's pet :)

alvin: cook, bro...cook. i know u are good in cooking *drools*

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