Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Rant of a Year 1 Kid's Mommy

I strongly believe that whoever who claims that life will be much easier once a child starts schooling must be out of his / her mind!! Hmmm, or am I the one who is hopeless?

It's been two months since You Jin started Year 1. There has been lots of new changes in his every day routine and I could see that he is doing great in school.

Despite that fact, as a mommy, I became worried when I went through his Bahasa Melayu exercise books a few days ago.

Check out what worried me about the Kata Nama Khas (Proper Nouns) exercises:

Want more?

I was wondering if these questions are suitable for Year 1 students. I am not sure what was his cikgu trying to test here: sentence structure or general knowledge. If the intention is to test the sentence structure, then I would say that all options for each statement could fit into the blank given (even though three out of the four options will be considered as wrong by fact). On the other hand, if the intention is to test the students' general knowledge, I think these questions are definitely WAY TOO ADVANCED for them. After all, these are the Year 1 students!

I guess this cikgu can give the students these type of students IF they have been exposed to the stories or reading passages prior to the exercise given. Unfortunately, it wasn't like that. I asked my little hero on how he attempted those questions in class. He told me that his cikgu gave them all the answers!!

If the cikgu thinks that these type of questions will impress her students' parents, well, cikgu...I am certainly the least impressed! In fact, I feel there is something very wrong with you, cikgu! I've spoken to several parents and they freaked out as well when they saw those questions!

I find this situation very disheartening. If the parents are educated and are financially sound, I guess they could still guide their children or perhaps, send them for tuition for extra help. On the other hand, what would happen to the students whose parents couldn't afford to do so? Sigh...


joshua said...

maybe the aim is to instil a sense of nationalism ;=)

Daniel said...

I think the cikgu is too stupid to give a normal Year 1 question haha

Alvin said...

Uncle will be back next month if you need 'Confrontations' with the Cikgu! :P

Anyway, the questions are really a bit too advanced for a Year 1 student. Whatever happened to Pak Pandir and Lebai Malang? <:(

Hugo Lim said...

wow.. what has gone wrong with today's standard 1 exercises?

to the xtreme case: its like the japanese trying to erase their brutal killing/ war crime committed, by not putting them in their history subject.

in this case, we are building a nation??

Ai-Ling said...

joshua: instil nationalism? errr, with those type of questions? the cikgu needs to go back to school then :D

daniel: i think the cikgu was either over-ambitious or a true blue confused case who knows little about teaching methodology :(

alvin: confrontations? no la. i think i'd rather be a coward and suffer in silence in this case than having my kid blacklisted by his cikgu. i'll help him at home. i guess this is a good example of cikgu being a cikgu without using much of her teaching methodology knowledge.

hugolim: pathetic case, uh?

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