Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Jin's First Three Days of School Experience

5th January 2009 - Yipee...this date marked the day when You Jin began a new chapter in his life. You're starting school today, kiddo...those were the words that I told him before he got into DH's car this morning.

I had that mixed emotion for a moment. Geez, my kiddo isn't a kiddo anymore. I guess all mommies have the same feeling when their kids (especially the first one) start schooling :)

DH was there in school until 8am. Neither one of us applied for leave on that day because we didn't feel that it was necessary for us to accompany him for the whole entire day since he was perfectly happy with things around him on the Orientation Day last Friday.

DH and I decided to do spot check on You Jin during recess time. He was already sitting down, munching away his cheese sandwiches in the canteen.

Well, things went on smoothly. So far, so good. BUT...that's just DAY 1.

Day 2 & Day 3 - Usual routine, DH dropped him at school at 7.15am. I went to check on him during recess time upon DH's "encouragement". I chose to go there much later...during the last 5 minutes of recess time. Bad mommy, uh? Nah...I just wanted to see him being independent. He did great...eaten his home-packed food and even bought chicken nuggets all by himself on the 3rd day.

The only problem was...


He became teary each time he saw me there :D

So, I told DH...that's it, I WILL NOT go to school during recess time to check on him starting from tomorrow. I believe and I know that he'll be fine. After all, my kiddo ain't a pre-schooler anymore, my kiddo is a big boy now :)


jennykoo said...

Hehehe... That's so cute. Maybe you could hide behind a wall to peep at him! :) Haha... But yes, it's true. He's all grown up and a big boy now!

Zool Blogger said...

Hope he can be a better person.

molly said...

Relax. The children are smarter than the parent nowaday, dont you think so?

Jocelyn said...

aww... poor child. so how is he coping in school now? adapting to the new environment well? :)

Ai-Ling said...

Jenny: LOL. No...I didn't do that. I just stopped visiting him. End of teary moments :)

Zool: Yup, he's better now :)

Molly: Agree. You are right and sometimes they are capable of manipulating the adults, too.

Jocelyn: He's doing great now. He made many new friends, too :)

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