Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chinese New Year? So soon?

11th January: What?!? Chinese New Year is in fifteen days time?

I lost tracked of time and I only realised about that fact last weekend.

I've been on the hyper busy mode for the last few weeks: neverending office work, weekend lectures, loads of assignments and presentations, kids' first week at school...yaddah yaddah yaddah.

I haven't done much preparation so far. Up till today, DH and I have bought new clothes for our little heroes. Besides that...NOTHING.

Anyway, I'll be on leave the whole of next week. Hopefully, I can start cleaning and baking this Sunday. I would love to start right now, but I can't. Blame it on two reasons: 1) I've been assigned to mark the final exam scripts that do not belong to ME (and I'm still mad about this fact). 2) I need to work on my project paper which is due this Saturday.

Okay...back to marking those darn exam scripts...sigh...


molly said...

Huh one week? Should be enough to get all things done before new year if you plan properly.

LEon said...

Work hard for it. Happy Lunar New year. :)

sabahking said...

Happy chinese new year !! Hopefully can receive the ang pau from u ! hehe !!

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