Friday, December 5, 2008

Castle? Pony-ride? Whoa...

Life has been very hectic these few weeks. As usual, this is the same crazy short trimester that I have to go through every year in campus. DH decided that it's about time to make a short trip up to Bukit Tinggi to relax and unwind.
The last time we went there was about eight years's been THAT long.

Since our lil' heroes have never been there before, they are obviously very excited about this trip. I let them check out the photos of Bukit Tinggi via the net and among the remarks that they made were: "Whoa...there's a castle!", "I wanna ride on a pony, I wanna ride on a pony!" So, Bukit Tinggi, here we come!! :D

I shall be back with a post on the trip to Bukit Tinggi next Tuesday ;)


molly said...

I have been there only once, nice place and very cooling.
My brother-in-law has an apartment at Bukit Tinggi by the river, the one just opposit the Chinese Temple. Nice place, cooling.

Harmony said...

looks medieval to me ..... never been there too :(

Ahmike said...

Take care ya =)

Johnny Ong said...

never been there b4

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