Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back-to-School Shopping (Part 1)

My lecture ended at 1.30pm. I zoomed home immediately. DH and my lil' heroes were already waiting for me. I hopped into DH's car and as what we had planned since Monday, we were determined to start our Back-to-School shopping for You Jin today.

The only place in Melaka that I could connect when it comes to school uniforms would be the one-stop-uniform shop called Bee Loon which is located at Jalan Bendahara. Yup, I remember that as a child, my school uniforms were from Bee Loon, and I planned to get You Jin's from there, too. I got to know from my friends that the quality of the uniforms is still as good as before and the price is also reasonable.

Going there was a battle. Reason: Melaka seemed to be infested by loads and loads of cars these two days. I guess it's due to the school holidays. The traffic along Jalan Bendahara was almost at a stand-still. Cars were bumper-to-bumper and to make it worse, DH couldn't find a parking lot. So, he had to do an illegal parking (tsk...tsk...tsk...).Oops! I forgot...this post is a public domain :D

When we went into the shop, we had another surprise. The place was packed with mommies, daddies and school-going kids (grandmas and grandpas, too, if I wasn't mistaken)! One worker told me that the crowd will be much bigger by next week. So, we quickly made YJ try on a pair of uniform and decided to get three pairs for him. That should be enough to rotate for a week.

We decided to hunt for his other school stuff some other days because of the heavy traffic.

Anyway, this is how he looks like in his uniform...

RM12.50 (shirt) + RM13.50 (shorts) = RM26. Very reasonable indeed :)

(DH made a comment that he looks like a character from the famous Lat cartoon "The Kampung Boy". LOL!)

Wei Jin had the urge to try on his big bro's uniform and he even added an extra accessory. Check this out:)

The Back-to-School shopping shall be continued...
p/s: By 3.30pm, there was one happy kid (who gets to pretend to be a doctor), one happier kid (who is excited about his new school uniform) and a pair of satisfied parents (whose wallets are still intact :P).


jennykoo said...

That's so cute! Your son looks really sweet in his new clothes! And they're so affordable too!

What's the doctor's outfit for though?

KeeMan said...

so cute... :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

your boys are adorable. i pray i'll have some calvin jr running around. cheers and god bless....

Bean said...

hey.. ur son very cute... sure he grow up wil become a doc... haha

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