Saturday, December 13, 2008

When "Whoa" Turns to "Hmmm"...

All the sizzling "whoas" from my little heroes prior to our visit to Bukit Tinggi fizzled down to "hmmms". Our humble verdict from our recent trip to Bukit Tinggi: nothing much to shout about.

I can still remember vividly that things were much better when my DH and I went there eight years ago. Even the temperature was much cooler, too.

Anyway, these are some of the many photos that we took at the French Village:

DH & I

My parents

Everyone but yours truly (hey...someone had to be the photographer)

Wei Jin at the entrance of Colmar Tropicale

We wanted to stay in Colmar Tropicale but it was fully booked. So, we ended up staying in Selesa Resort. The apartment that was given to us was quite comfortable. The only problem was the cracked toilet seat cover that pinched someone's cheek! Ouch!! That was the 'tidak selesa' experience that I had staying at Selesa Resort. Below are some of the photos of that place:

the playground

the supper corner

The only places that we visited were the French Village and Rabbit Park only. We decided to forget about the Japanese Garden (we assumed that there's nothing much there as well). When I asked my lil' heroes what they did at Bukit Tinggi, apparently they could only remember the rabbits :D

a rabbit...

another rabbit...

here comes a gray one...


Lil' heroes feeding a cute white rabbit :)

the mama spotted deer & its baby...

No pony rides available. Lil' heroes were frustrated!

We stayed at Bukit Tinggi only for a night and hopped over to Genting Highlands the very next morning. Another big disappointment. It was indeed a wrong timing to be there. That whole entire place was full of human beings. We paid RM95 for a family package of two adults and 2 kids. My lil' heroes only managed to go on three rides: the car, the choo-choo train and the bumper car. That's all. Blame it on the EXTREMELY long queues at every single spot!

Let's sell some ice cream, lil' bro.

Bumpety we go...

I guess the most interesting time for my little heroes when we were there was the visit to the Snow World.

The moral of the story for the trip to Bukit Tinggi: err, go there and do not expect much from that place *YAWN*

The moral of the story for the trip to Genting Highlands: NEVER go there during super peak season.

p/s: This is definitely a long overdue post. I've been on the HYPERBUSY mode recently :((


jennykoo said...

oh yeah, genting's like that during the holidays. really, really terrible. :( But I guess being kids your 2 boys would have fun everywhere. The toilet seat that pinches people is NASTY, btw. :)

Ai-Ling said...

yup, i have the photos of the cracked toilet seat and also my pinched butt, but i doubt if i'll put in here in my blog :D

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