Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday to Wei Jin

On this very day, 15th of August, four years ago, the stork delivered to us our second bundle of joy...another little baby boy;) Well, then again...if you compare him with my elder little hero You Jin at birth, this younger one certainly wasn't little after all. In fact, his weight at birth was 3.5kg. This new bundle of joy was named Wei Jin.

Speaking of names, I find it amazing that some parents would go all out to find the suitable name for their newborn. Some of them would look for some "wise men" or "consultants" just for this matter. Yup, as parents, we would want the best for our kids. However, I certainly find it amusing that some of these parents would actually not call their kids by these so-called suitable names given by their "wise men" or "consultants". Instead, they end up calling their kids by some fancy Christian names (like Kent or Barbie) which are not even registered in their birth certificate! D'uh...why go through all the hassle of looking for the best and then not practising it? Aren't you supposed to be proud of the names given by these "consultants"? (a point to ponder...okay;))

As for us, the name-hunting process was very much simple. We had only three criterion in mind: 1) it must have a good meaning in Mandarin; 2) it must not sound offensive in English & Malay; 3) preferably, it sounds like a Christian name (eg: You Jin = Eugene). I looked through the Mandarin- English dictionary to do the name-hunting. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any Mandarin names which agrees with the third criteria and catches my fancy. Someone suggested this name: Wee Lee. OMG...No way, Jose. LOL!

Finally, we decided to forget about the third criteria and settled for Wei Jin:) Wei Jin means "grand glory" in Mandarin. So, now we have two glories in the house -- the elder one, You Jin (fine glory) & the younger one, Wei Jin (grand glory).

Anyway, Wei Jin's birthday was celebrated at home, just a cake and KFC. He was the one who decide on this two days ago. Unfortunately, he changed his mind this morning and wanted a party to be done in school instead. Obviously, I had to say "NO" due to time constraint. He was kind of disappointed at first and he even accused me for being unfair. Sigh...Thank goodness, after a little while, the elder little hero managed to convince him that celebrating at home is better than doing it in school. Gee, I never knew that the elder little hero has so much of convincing power. Hehehe :)

Well, these are some of Wei Jin's 4th birthday pics:

Wei Jin & You Jin getting excited over the birthday gift

Yup, you get a belated birthday gift, You Jin

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to you...

Ma, please don't cut my Garfield's ear...

Who needs the cake when I have my whipped potato? Yummy...

The look of pure satisfaction savouring every bit of the whipped potato...

Their birthday gift - one each for my little heroes

Little heroes working hard to fix their car

Come, let me help you - the evidence of brotherly love

Okay, last two pictures are specially for Siew Lee. These are for you. Hehehe;)

*p/s: a simple birthday celebration that didn't burn our pocket;)

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