Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Little Heroes & WALL-E

This is the first movie outing with our little heroes. In fact, we had been having this idea for the last few months, but somehow something will crop up and spoil our plan. So, we were very determined to make it happen this time more excuses - rain or we go. The excitement began since two days ago when daddy agreed to bring them to watch WALL-E.

WALL-E, WALL-E on the wall, who is the taller one of them all?

Hey, did your fake fangs come from the giant popcorn box above my head?

The little heroes were indeed entertained throughout the 90-minute show. You Jin was truly enjoying every minute of it. Wei Jin was kind of restless half-way through the movie. He was tired and sleepy and he kept telling us that he wanted to go home. If he had crooned Michael Buble's "Home", I bet daddy would have dragged us all home right away:D

Verdict: The first movie outing was a success. We managed to stay there till the end of the movie. Next plan in mind --> Madagascar II:)

p/s: WALL-E isn't just a kiddy movie; there are lots of things for adults to learn from that movie too, especially on relationships.

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