Monday, July 7, 2008

Petrosains: The Discovery Centre, anyone?

Don't know how to kill your weekend with your kids? Pack all of them and head over to the Petrosains.

I brought my little heroes there last year and indeed they had a wonderful time. I thought that my younger one (who was three at that time) would find that place a total bore, I was definitely 100% wrong:D

The visit started of with an introduction to the world of petroleum via a dark ride through a little tunnel. As for my little heroes, it was a YIPEE time (Intro? Was there an intro? Who cares...the ride was more fun!)

After that, it was a walk through three different stations. The little heroes had fun at the Geotime Diorama (Can I keep that dino as my pet? Pleaseeeee...)

Overall, they enjoyed the second and third stations the best. There were lots of thought-provoking puzzles and illusions to boggle their little mind. There are also endless lines of games and activities for them to explore.

Check out these pics:

Mummy, is this a "Flintstone" car? Hey...why isn't it moving??

Gee, where is everyone? Err, is that a REAL volcano down there?

Wei Jin & Grandma: teamed up to solve a puzzle:)

Hey, mummy. Check this out...You Jin the goalie:))

My three heroes: at the Ungku Omar Theatre (3D stereographic movie)

For details of Petrosains, check out the link:

p/s: I almost forgot...don't forget to hop onto the helicopter simulator. It was as good as real:P

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Kevin said...

After Petrosains, try visiting this place:
Langkawi Underworld (click the link)... your kids will love it, if they like marine mammals also la.

I enjoyed it.

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