Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Strawberry Picking: Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands? This question was thrown to my little heroes and they were given the privilege to choose. Of course...due to their tender age, they were quite lost. So, we let them view the pictures of these two places on the Internet. I was so confident that they would choose Genting Highlands. Which kid would say NO to fun & entertainment?? Surprise...surprise...both of them voted for CAMERON HIGHLANDS. There was only one ultimate reason why my little heroes wanted to go there:


These were some of the many wonderful things that we did in Cameron Highlands:

At the Butterfly Sanctuary in Rose Garden (DH trying to stay cool)

At Cactus Valley

Mummy, I need my milk bottle...I don't care if other people are looking at me

You Jin & his 1st strawberry

Look! I found TWO...

DH & little heroes: another strawberry picking session (Kea Farm)

Now...where has the little one gone to?

Can't see our eyes? Hehehe...blame it on the sun, not the photographer (grandpa)

Teatime at Boh's. I would rather have tea at any Mamak shop...

the tea served here (sadly) tasted horrible.

Wei Jin --> exhausted

p/s: DH & I fell in love with Cameron Highlands. He had this crazy idea of asking for a transfer there and as for me...hmmm, I wanted to stay there and PICK MORE STRAWBERRIES with my little heroes:))

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Kevin said...

Kids nowadays are so fortunate. At a very young age, they get to venture to another world with their parents. Long time ago, when I was their age, I only ventured in the vicinity of my home.

Yup, no wonder kids are much smarter now, and much more challenging to care for.

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