Monday, November 9, 2009

When Carelessness Hurts...

YJ came back with his last paper that we had been anxiously waiting since last week. The minute he saw me, he said sadly, "I'm so careless that I wasted 10 marks!"

Err, what? 10 marks?!? Oh boy...that's a lot. Those were the words that went through my mind. My heart sank when I saw how disappointed he was.

I looked through his paper: he made 3 mistakes throughout the whole paper and he lost another 10 marks in one section that required him to label the pictures and then group them accordingly. He grouped the all words correctly without labelling them. Sigh... :(

Well, there's no use to cry over split milk. At least, he learnt his lesson: now, he knows the importance of READING the instructions before attempting any given task.

Anyway, we are still proud of his achievement despite the major hiccup.

Errr, about his bicycle as his incentive...we are facing a dilemma right now. Well, that is supposed to be his incentive if he is among the top three students in his class. But after losing 13 marks in that paper, I seriously think that his chance is rather slim (based on the mid-year exam result, the competition among his classmates is very stiff). Now, DH and I are thinking: should we reward him for his effort or should we do that for his achievement?


CH Voon said...

i think lose 10 marks is nothing,
the main thing is he know the mistake.


Lim Meng Keong said...

Reward him. He deserved it. Don't let him down and disappoint him.

Ai-Ling said...

ch voon: yup, agree :)

bro: he came back with a surprise yesterday. since, it's still unofficial, so i'll wait till i see it with my own eyes. it looks like he'll get his bike! :D

Tan Kuan Yoon said...

ooh...c'mon, please reward him! He deserved it! Y focus on d 10 marks he lost....Y don't look at his overall near-perfect grades n d perfect score (100%) he got (for his BM2)!

D most important thing here is he learns his lesson, and i think he did coz he knows how to feel sad/disappointed bout it!

Anyway, he's already certain tat he WILL get d reward....he proudly told me tis morning!!

Angeline said...

Personally, I am a very strict Mommy. A deal is a deal. For me, if he did not achieve what he had to, then the reward is off.

But I will still give him a gift for his effort, but much smaller in size and less 'exciting'.

Hence he knows great efforts results in great rewards.

Merryn said...

dat's great. once his surprise is confirm, he'll get his bike and dat will be so nice.

eugene said...

First of all, i never believe in giving rewards to children for doing good in study, because they need to know fundamentally what is required of them as far as study is concerned,

and i never believe in extra tuition too..... let them make mistakes and let us guide them in not repeating the same mistakes again

Ai-Ling said...

ky: aiyah...he told u all abt it, ah? tsk tsk tsk...i guess he's too excited :D

angeline: yup. agree :D

merryn: yeah, there'll definitely be a post on that. ;)

Ai-Ling said...

eugene: i do agree with u to a certain extend. for example, my kid had shown great improvement since beginning of the year, yet there wasn't a single gift for him. all he got from us were: a hug, a pat on his back and some words of encouragement like "great", "well done", " keep it up".

at the same time, i do believe in rewarding kids if they had proven that they really excel and deserve something as reward system will further boost their self-esteem.

even we, as adults, would appreciate rewards once in a while, don't we? ;)

LittleLamb said...

if the bike is agreed when he is top 3.. then when he achieve that, only give.

if he didnt make it, n u felt he has seriously done his best n knew his mistakes, u can still reward him..but reward with something else..

just my opinion.

molly said...

I think the most important thing is he has tried his best. So I think he should be rewarded.

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