Thursday, April 9, 2009

Playmobil, Anyone?

When my youngest brother came back from Germany last December, these were what he bought for my lil heroes: PLAYMOBIL. Yeah!!!

I was as excited as my lil' heroes. I felt as though I was a little kid when I saw the boxes. The actual reason for all the excitement isn't so much about getting the gifts, but rather the toy itself. Wanna know why? My brothers and I used to play with PLAYMOBIL 30 years ago and I remember that we had a good collection of them :D :D They are still around...somewhere...unfortunately, my mom can't recall where she had kept them after all these years :(
Check these, uh :D

Anyway, my youngest brother went to Germany again, a few days after CNY. He returned home last Saturday. He bought some surprise gifts for my lil' heroes. I'm not gonna reveal the gifts here in this post as my lil' heroes haven't exactly got them from him yet (but I know what they are :D). Stay tuned...there'll be a post on that next week.

p/s: You Jin and Wei Jin managed to find the PLAYMOBIL website on their own. The website is cool and it even comes with some interactive game activities :D


Shinky said...

Wow! This is nice! I'm so envious of your lil' heroes~!

When I was young, my dad don't buy me toys. Instead, he confiscate all the toys other friends and relatives gave during my first birthday... And threw them away when I was five! I don't even recall playing all those cars and playguns. >.<"

After all those years, I finally get to take my revenge! ^.^ Bought myself so much toys~ ^.^"

joshua said...

It reminds me of Lego that I used to play ages ago. 8P

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