Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lil' Hero's Expanding Vocabulary

Never underestimate the vocabulary of your young kids. I noticed that Wei Jin has been using lots of words that he had never used before. Check out these two incidents:

1st incident:

I was busy doing the dishes after breakfast when Wei Jin came to me with his pictorial dictionary. He showed me a composite picture of vehicles and pointed to one particular mode of transportation:

Wei Jin: Mommy, what is this?
Me: (took a quick glance) Train...
Wei Jin: Look carefully. Your answer is wrong.
Me: (took a second glance) It's a train.
Wei Jin: No, no, no...It's LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT!!

Ooopss...well, I know that it's not exactly a train, but I thought that it would be easier for him to accept 'train' as the answer rather than 'light rail transit' since he is barely 5 years old. Obviously, he had been exposed to that in school. :)

2nd incident:

We were travelling in the car. As usual, it can be kind of chaotic at times especialy when everyone has something to say at the same time. So, Wei Jin became quite frustrated because each time when he tried to say something to me, You Jin would just interfere.

Wei Jin: DO NOT INTERRUPT! I'm talking to mommy. You're rude!
You Jin: *kept quiet*
Me: What's the meaning of 'interrupt', Wei Jin?
Wei Jin: It means to "cut in" when someone is talking.

Hmm, I was impressed with his definition. I began to wonder where he pick that word from. It's either home or school. I've a strong feeling that he might have learnt that from school. Knowing that Wei Jin is a talkative kid, I'm not suprised at all if one of his teachers would have used that word on him. :D

Geez...sometimes, I still see Wei Jin as my lil' baby. I forget that he'll be 5 this August.


Tin said...

Hmmm... it's quite amazing to see see how much a kid learns from school... :)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

woah!!! kids these days...lolz. unlike us those days. so nerdy and our vocab all upside down... :)

Ashley Two Fish said...

yeah, they know a lot of words nowadays. I just found out my 9 y/o cousin knows the word "FUCK". I was shocked and he said everyone in school knows this word. omg

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