Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gardenia Delicia - REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!

Presenting the hottest favourite bread that has been on my breakfast table every single morning since last week:




Gardenia Delicia

It is indeed, as what is stated on its packaging:


Gardenia Delicia comes in two choices: Chocolate Raisin and Butterscotch.

We have tried both, and my little heroes love the Butterscotch better than the Chocolate Raisin.

Gardenia Delicia is very light and fluffy and comes with a tinge of sweetness. Each slice is good enough to be eaten on its own. I used Gardenia Delicia in all the sandwiches that I did for my little heroes breakfast box last week: Chicken Hotdog Sandwiches (Monday), Cheese Sandwiches (Tuesday), Egg Sandwiches (Wednesday), and the same menu was recycled for the other three days.

Upon special request by my elder little hero, I'm following the same menu again for them this week. Until the day my little heroes get bored with sandwiches, it's gonna be a YAY!! for Gardenia Delicia - REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!

p/s: For mouth-watering recipes, check out this site:


Ahmike said...

Ahha nice one ! I must try it some day!

Tin said...

Have not seen this in Singapore :(

CH Voon said...

how much?

Ai-Ling said...

ahmike: yup. try it :D

tin: if u happen to cross over to jb, don't forget to get a loaf :)

chvoon: rm4 per loaf. kind of expensive but it's YUMMY :D

joshua said...

oh woah...

RM4 is indeed on the high side...and u're doing a free ad for Gardenia! how nice. 8=D

Ai-Ling said...

agree. rm4 per day on gardenia delicia. that would be almost rm30 on bread per week!! well, joshua, i only write about the truth. it is indeed delicious, i bet your kid would love it, too.

hehehe...i just realised that i was doing a free ad for gardenia! oh well...i'm gathering karma in that case :D

jennykoo said...

I've heard about this too! :) My colleague and I have a pact to split half the packet during lunch one day.

David See said...

Ya, it tastes good and my wife loves it too. You got discount for endorsing it ah?! have you tried RM18.00 loaf of Japanese bread? That also very nice..

Jean said...

Thanks for sharing..totally ignorant, will look out at hypermkt. I love your Bread Pudding..thanks. I have simple easy2 cook recipes too, visit

TH Chuan said...

My kids love it very much.

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