Monday, November 17, 2008

My Lil' Heroes Concert-cum-Graduation Day

16th November 2008:

1.30pm - Sent the lil' heroes to the concert hall for final practise.

3.00pm - Went there with DH. Yup, we arrived there an hour early. Kiasu? Nah. It was just that we were worried that we couldn't get any good parking space ;) Hey, then again...we were not the earliest ones to be there. We were surprised to see that there were quite a number of parents seated in the hall already.

4.00pm - The Concert-cum-Graduation started.

The stage (look at the amazing hard work put in by the teachers).

The beginning of the montage.

The super cool EMCEE...looks familiar?

You Jin in one of his performances on the stage.

Can you spot lil' Wei Jin?

Aren't the kids cute? (Btw, notice how kiasu some parents can be when it comes to trying to get the best shot of their kids...sigh!)

You Jin with his principal, Miss Doreen Tan.

The whole event ended at about 6pm.

Two last shots by the stage as remembrance.

p/s: With this, it marked the end of lil' You Jin as a little kiddo at the pre-school level. Next level: primary school by the 5th of January 2009. New challenges ahead...

*no video recordings could be uploaded here because of the size :(


Ahmike said...

It's good to see they are growing up =) ah, soon my age gonna has 2 liao.. 20

Ai-Ling said...

ahmike, age is just a number. it's maturity that matters the most :)

AsX said...

Being early is not Kiasu lar, although the reason is no parking space, i guess another reason is Mum's concern and excitement of her children. Am i right?

molly said...

Is a pleasure to see the heroes growing up but can be very tiring. Mine are big heroes now!
BTW thanks for your comment at my blog!

Ai-Ling said...

asx: lol...u are so right. and i wasn't the only one. :)

molly: yup, i agree with u. ;)

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hmmmm.....cant really comment on this coz i have no kids of my own yet. but your boys are cute. i remember back in the ol days when i had to dress up like a bee singing "siow mi fong" time flies.....cheers and god bless

Johnny Ong said...

oh, the kiasu parents ...... there are tons of them out there. this i can vouch as i do help in my fren's kindie in big events. they promised u that they will not move

mumsgather said...

I'm getting ready for new challenges ahead too.

mumsgather said...

We're gearing up for new challenges ahead too. *shake hands*

mchllchn said...

Gosh. Wei Jin is damn cute!!! :D May he grow up and still look this adorable! Haha. :) :)

Ai-Ling said...

johnny: i thought it's hard enough to deal with lil' kids, i never knew that some parents are even worse than their kids :D

mumsgather: u bet! i'll be checking out your site more often :)

mchllchn: thanks, dear. wanna babysit him? :D

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