Monday, November 10, 2008

My Lil' Hero & his Poem Recital

My two little heroes' kindy will be organising a concert-cum-graduation day this Sunday. I guess all the kids there had been trained for their performances for the last few months (yeah, heard about the concert thingy from my lil' heroes...way long before their principal made the announcement to all parents).

I received a call from the principal last Friday asking for my favour to train You Jin for a poem recital slot. It's indeed an honour to be specially selected for that task and it's going to be a very memorable moment for You Jin as well.

After two days, he could finally recite the whole poem (YES! I'm proud of you, You Jin). Only a few light drilling sessions were conducted as I had to attend my classes last weekend. All I wanted him to do is to enjoy reciting the poem assigned. All my DH and I told him was to try his best. No pressure, no stress... :)

One little problem at this moment though...he isn't confident that he'll be able to do well on the stage. He's afraid that he'll lose his concentration :(

Well, I guess I need to help him sort out that little problem before this Sunday. (Any extra tips , anyone?)

p/s: You Jin...whatever happens (even if you decide to back out at the very last minute), we are still proud of you :)


Loke said...

hmm.. i used to recite poems back in primary in competitions. i think it's quite easy to concentrate by looking at an empty seat. :D


Johnny Ong said...

dont need to pressure him at this age. he dont need such pressure in life. parents have to be careful as performing in front of u in the home is totally a different environment when standing on stage.

i'm a play director so i know. if he can do it then let him do it.

alternatively, get him to stand up in the public, say a playground. get him standing up on a chair as if it was a stage. let him read it loud and clear.

if u feel malu that he's doing it so loudly, then u are the having a problem, not him

just encourage him and not a single sign of force be used. dont force yr dream on him

my 2 cents

Ai-Ling said...

hi there loke and johnny,

loke: that's for the idea :)

johnny: yup. agree with u. u know something, i never force my kid to do all those things. btw, there is a new post related to this issue :)

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