Thursday, October 16, 2008

When Silence isn't always Golden...

A special post dedicated to all parents out there.
Have you ever encountered this kind of situation?

How can quietness not be a good news?'s definitely not a good news when you have two active lil' heroes at home.

My DH and I would always become worry when there is no usual hoo-ha from our lil' heroes. Very often, it's usually the first sign of trouble. When my younger lil' hero spends a little extra time in the kitchen, we can be sure that he is either busy squirting half a bottle of the dish washing liquid into the sink or playing "let's-see-what-mommy-hides-inside-cabinet" game.

So, as for us...we always welcome the hoo-ha from our lil' heroes. The more hoo-ha they make, the less chances of them creating trouble. After all, silence isn't always golden :)

Acknowledgement: cartoon strip taken from


Boris said...

trouble???? well i think you should not exaggerate too much...

doubt a bit but not too much :)

btw, don't listen to me, i'm not a dad yet :)

oh, what's that?
i think i hear a hoo-ha in my kitchen... or is it in yours??


Ai-Ling said...

hi there boris,

exaggerate? no, i did not, do not and will not :)

kids these days are different from your time and mine.

anyway, boris... do get back to me when u are a daddy of two lil' boys and we shall sit and compare notes. hehehe :D

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