Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On Cloud 9...

I can't help but to put my feelings down right here, right now.
Well, I tried my best, hoped for the best, yet at the same time, I mentally prepared myself for the worst.
The agonising waiting game is finally over.
I've just checked the results of my final exam for my previous two modules.
YES... *smile* ... better than what I had expected.

For now, I feel as though I am the Hopeful Heart Bear from Care-a-lot Land sitting on Cloud 9:D

A million thanks especially to my DH who has been endlessly providing me with all the support and tolerating my mood swings (I was under lots of stress especially I had to deal with the NUMBERS and I swear...I still HATE NUMBERS). Oh, not to forget...thanks to all my friends, coursemates and lecturers as well for all the encouragement.

Two modules down, twelve more to go. Uh uh...that would mean, I'll have to go through another six more rounds of waiting game...hmmm...

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jennykoo said...

Dear Ai Ling,

It means so much to me to get feedback and support from people like you. It's great that you know what it feels like, but I feel compelled to ask you too: how do you do it? Maybe a blog post?? :)

Ai-Ling said...

dear jenny,

like what i mentioned in ur post, it's not easy to wear multiple hats at one go. i don't have anymore maid helping around at home (only a parttime one who comes once a week to clean the house). so, basically i guess i survive with the help, support and encouragement from my DH. my life begins at 7am. by the time i reach home at 6pm, i'll start cooking if i'm not busy (otherwise, my mom will be sending me dinner). some bonding time with my lil' heroes after tht while the dirty laundry goes into the washing machine. my lil' heroes will go to bed at about 9pm (DH's duty) and i do some household chores. i'll start reading, doing my assignments from 10.30pm onwards. do i study every night? no:P stress level can be really high sometimes. so, i take time to de-stress and relax on those weekend when i don't have classes.

i am definitely not a super woman, the best mommy, the greatest wife, the most hardworking worker or the most excellent student. i just try my best (and at the same time, i try to maintain my sanity :P).

the key ingredient that keeps me afloat is the support from the people around me: DH, kids, family members, friends, and coursemates.

keep in touch, jenny :)

Kevin said...

Good that you've passed your first exam beyond your expectations. Told you that you'd pass as long as you do your projects and homework. Someone once said it's not easy to fail in the university unless you ask for it.

The 2.5 years will pass at the wink of the eye. Then, you'll look back & be glad that you did what you had done. It's a test of real nerve of steel, patience and perseverance, and you'd pass with flying colours.

I've gone through 4 years and i'm still not done. The only difference is that i don't have kids, but that doesn't mean everything's plain sailing like what others think. Had i not persevered and not got support, i'd have left & lost my sanity long ago.

jennykoo said...

I wish you luck, in everything. Hope your studying goes well. Mine definitely needs to get back on track. I just keep procrastinating! Things have changed a lot since Hayden came to stay. I can forsee me having a lot less time. He doesn't sleep till late (10.30 or 11pm) so the question is getting someone else to keep him out of my sight while I look at my books. Not very pleasant, but it's my only choice!

I'll definitely check back here more often!

mumsgather said...

Wow! You certainly wear a lot of hats don't you? All the best to you in all of the different hats :)

LittleLamb said...

r u taking a course? part time or full time? i m sure you are very capable to manage the house, the kid, the family, etc...

Hats off to you :)

Ai-Ling said...

hello there, mumsgather. thanks for your well wishes :)

hi there, little lamb. i've replied in your blog. i wouldn't dare to say that i'm very capable of managing all tasks, i'd rather say i'm surviving through all with the support from my DH :)

LittleLamb said...

ai-ling, i m very proud of you. You gave me some motivation to say that hey..we can still do it :)

Not easy with FT job n PT study n household.....

All the best ya....:)

Ai-Ling said...

dear littlelamb,

oh yes..we DEFINITELY can still do it, and you know something...we are not alone :)

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