Monday, September 8, 2008

Where does Mom Keep her Memories?

Have you ever wonder why do mothers have fantastic memories especially about the little ones?
The secret of that mystery lies within this poem:

Where does Mom keep her memories?
In a box beyond repair,
Tucked inside are memories,
Ask and she will gladly share.

Tattered Valentines "To Mommy with Love",
Papers boasting "Good Luck...Well Done!"
A handprint small and fragile,
Blue ribbon proudly won.

Macaroni shells that once formed a flower,
A baby picture smudged with kisses,
The first tooth the Fairy spared,
Cards of IOU's and loving wishes.

Where does Mom keep her memories?
In a box precious cargo rests,
Reminiscent of days long past,
This box of love is her treasure chest.

~Author: Unknown~

Acknowledgement: pics --> taken from

Have a nice day ahead;)


limcyam said...

hey... daddy does that too!

... all in a pen drive (saved as pictures).

Ai-Ling said...

hahaha...good one;)

C K said...

brings back memories of all those little things that I gave my mum during her birthdays and Mother's Day. I wonder whether she keeps them somewhere. Hmm...

Ai-Ling said...

they are in her heart, ck ;)

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