Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wonders Never Cease

It's almost 10pm, my little heroes are asleep. I have yet to start working on my tutorial questions (this paper SUX to the MAX. HELP!!!). Reflection time: I AM SUPER EXHAUSTED and I still have tonnes of things to do - housework, officework and my own homework - but there is still joy, there is still happiness in me especially when I look at my little heroes who are fast asleep. There are times when I feel that my little heroes are actually mini monsters in disguise (yah, yah...don't give me that funny look; wait till you see their true colours), but there are also times when I find true bliss by just looking at them:)

Anyway, I'm just going to post a poem that I found on the net. It's a poem about a mother of two little boys who focuses not on the chaos and stressful aspects of raising the kids, but on the joy of the two precious souls in her life:

Wonders Never Cease (Jacqueline M. Sinkes -

There are tiny hand pressed against my cheeks,

and the palm of a hand that holds my dreams.

There is a careful little grimace directed right at me,

and the expression of innocence that grabs me every time.

There is a big pair of brown eyes that light up in the dark,

and the window to a soul that knows only truth.

There are clumsy little legs dancing to a tune,

and a chubby little bottom that breaks their every fall.

There is a babble and laughter coming from my room,

and the sounds of heaven right here in my home.

There are chaos in the kitchen, and toys all down the hall,

a reminder to all of us that time is very precious.

There are cookies crumbs on the table, spilled milk on the carpet,

but image of simplicity and joy came with the mess.

There are car keys in the toilet,

and the unmistakable sense my life is full.

The two boys are fast asleep, just in the other room,

and a mother who is convinced that wonders never cease.

*p/s: Happiness is a choice, not a chance.

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Phyllis said...

I guess your boys gave u all the strength and energy to strive through whatever challenge in your life. IT's a blessing. I guess u are right, happiness in a choice.

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