Wednesday, June 2, 2010

YJ's Best Teacher

This post is about something that happened about two weeks ago. Teacher's Day celebration was held in YJ's school on the 17th of May.

Well, since it's a day to show appreciation towards the teachers, I bought some little goodies and wrapped them up in some beautiful wrappers and put them in a paperbag. I had intended to give a lil' token of appreciation to all YJ's teachers. Unfortunately, just before bedtime, I realised that I had counted wrongly -- there are six teachers, but I had prepared only five gifts. Argh...

So, what I did the next morning was to tell YJ that he was supposed to give one gift to five of his favourite teachers in school.

When I picked him home from his daycare centre at 5.30pm, he proudly told me, "Mommy, I gave the gift to only ONE teacher this morning. I gave it to Miss Maha, my class teacher. None for the rest." Surprise...surprise...

I expected to see the other four remaining ones still in the paperbag...but there was NONE!! Instead there was a bunch of plastic roses!!

I asked him what happened to the rest of the gifts. YJ's explanation: "I gave the rest to my daycare centre teachers. They have done a wonderful job."

The best part isn't over:
"Mommy, the roses are for you. You are my best teacher!"

Whoa...thanks kiddo. You melted my heart. They might be just plastic roses that you've bought from the school bookshop, but it's the gesture and thought that matters. Yup, that's my boy -- grown up!

p/s: Point to ponder: Why did YJ reserve the gifts for his daycare centre teachers? Are they doing a better job than his teachers in school? Hmmm...

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