Sunday, October 11, 2009

When Pancakes should be Flipped and not Turned...

My lil' heroes were craving for pancakes as breakfast this morning. My lil' heroes always enjoy them drizzled with some maple syrup. They will definitely be yummier if they are topped with some sliced bananas or strawberries.

As I was making the pancakes, WJ went into the kitchen observing how they are done.

Then, he made a comment: Mommy...that's a wrong way of making a pancake.

I asked him why and his answer was: You see, you just turned the pancake to the other side. That's wrong. You have to flip it into the air and catch it with your pan!

Yeah, I guess he got that idea from watching Mama Pingu making pancakes.

DUH...I told WJ that I'm not able to flip and catch the pancake because I'm not a chef nor am I Mama Pingu. He seemed to be happy with that answer for now.

Geez...I wonder what will his next comments be when he observes me cooking in the kitchen later...


joshua said...


maybe he'll be the next Anton Ego. ;)

Merryn said...

Pingu.. lol..

Angeline said...

*Huge Laugh*
I Agree with your boy!!

Mommy, go practise your flipping, it gives the pancake more 'bounce'
*Huge Huge Laugh*

skol said...

Haha, real funny!!

Cute indeed

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