Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Suds and Bubbles = FUN?

Suds and bubbles are fun. However, they are certainly not something to laugh at especially when you just came home from work - tired and stressed with loads of stuff.

Imagine this...you are on the phone for barely two minutes. You go into the kitchen and you noticed your 5 y-o had squeezed an inch of a bottle load of dish washing liquid into the kitchen sink and you see nothing there except for lots and lots and lots of suds and bubbles. Splish, splash...he thinks it's FUN!!

I asked him why he did that because I remembered that I did squeeze a lil' amount of hand soap for him before I answered the phone call.

He couldn't give me a good answer, but later defended himself by saying, "I didn't use the hand soap, I only used the dish soap." Duh...now why does he think that it's okay for him to do that?

Seriously, there are times when I simply cannot imagine what goes on in my lil' kids' mind. They are adorable, yet there are times when I simply feel like screaming at what they have done. As for now: ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

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