Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Lil' Heroes and Bakugan Craze

Oh, no!!! DH has decided to be on my lil' heroes side and he seemed to approve Bakugan.

If you can remember, I wrote a post about Bakugan about a month ago. From one miserable Bakugan, it somehow grew into a collection of them (yeah..thanks to DH). Up till today, my lil' heroes have collected about a dozen of them. Their topic of conversation now revolves around nothing else but BAKUGAN! Oh...I almost forgot, they have been getting their doses of Bakugan series via Youtube since yesterday.

I still have THAT "thing" AGAINST Bakugan, but somehow I'm slowly losing my guard against Dragonoid, Gorem, Skyress, Stinglash and the whole gang of them...HELP!!!

( look very mean here.)

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