Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little White Lie

Things definitely change as time passes by. As for YJ, I noticed that he began displaying a lot of maturity this year. At the same time, I also noticed that he had picked up some nasty habits since he started school this year -- bossing around and manipulating his younger brother.

I made a discovery yesterday when I went into the bathroom last night. I cannot really remember what made me looked into the toilet bowl. Guess what was sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl? A semi-dissolved little white tablet that YJ was supposed to BITE and SWALLOW to stop his nose allergy problem. Instead of getting it into his tummy, it was sitting right there in the toilet bowl!

ARRGHH!! I was fuming for a moment. After all the trips to the paediatrician and all the effort of trying to stop his persistent coughing, apparently he conveniently chose to dispose his medicine into the toilet.

What I did this morning when he was having his breakfast was to tell him a short story about a boy who boy who lied about taking his medicine, just like what he did last night. I asked him if what the boy did was right? He kept quiet for a while and then answered "No". I asked him if he had swallowed his tablet last night and he said "Yes". I didn't want to make us both upset early in the morning, so I decided to drop the issue.

One thing for sure is that, I'll make sure that YJ takes his medicine in front of my eyes tonight.

Mommy will be watching you, kiddo! Muahaha...


skol said...

Lol, wicked Miss Lim.. Haha.. Rather cute though, not the lying of course, the going to get caught lying part.

Hope YJ's school does some study on H1N1 ya..

Sheridan (PM07-Foundation in Management Class 06/07)

Ai-Ling said...

sheridan?!? on earth did u stumble upon my blog?

anyway, it feels great to know that some of you guys still remember me :)

hmmm, as for the wickedness, (or should it be wittiness?)'s there to stay ;)

Alice Phua said...

Well, although your boy has white-lied to you about eating his medicine, looking on the brighter side, it also means that your boy has picked up the necessary skill to get him thru life which is a good thing, right? Sometimes we adults have to give white lies too to save a situation, right?

Angeline said...

Oh yes Mommy.... instead of tackling the lie, PREVENT it, by watching....*wink*

Ai-Ling said...

alice: yup. i guess u have a point there :)

angeline: muahaha... >:D

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