Friday, May 8, 2009

Terrible Experience: McD

Have you McValue Lunch-ed this week?

This is my experience...

12.30pm: Tummy was rumbling hungrily. Called McD.

1.20pm: Food wasn't here yet. Called to check on status on delivery. The feedback was "The Store Manager will call you back."

1.30pm: Called to check on the status again. Again the same reply remained the same.

1.40pm: Called AGAIN. The poor girl got bambarded from me. YES. I'M NOT A NICE, POLITE PERSON WHEN I'M ANGRY. This time, I was told that they will call the Store Manager and connect that person to me directly.

WHY WAS I ANGRY? I'm not really pissed because of the delay in my delivery. I'M PISSED DUE TO THE STORE MANAGER'S ATTITUDE. I'm pissed when I can't get an answer for a simple question: What is the status of my deliver?

I wonder how long the Store Manager need to take to call me and explain to me about the status of my delivery? Is it that difficult?? I wonder if that person needs to practise first before making that call...

1.50pm: The delivery boy arrived. Finally, my food arrived after the 1 hour 20 minutes wait. Almost shoo-ed him away. But changed my mind because it wasn't his fault, and I'm still waiting for an explanation from the Store Manager.

2.10pm: I'm still waiting for the call. By 2.30pm (that will be exactly ONE hour since I was told that the Store Manager will call me), this post will be published.

To Mahkota Parade McD Store Manager,

Update at 9.00pm: There is still no call from the Store Manager. Let me guess, she must have conveniently forgotten about the whole thing. Btw..the delivery boy did mention her name - FA*****. I'm keeping her name anonymous for now. After all the hype and advertisement on McValue Lunch...I AM THE LEAST FASCINATED with the whole thing. The size of the burgers definitely shrank and when it comes to service and responsibility...I don't wish to elaborate further. McValue's VALUE --> SUX to the MAX.

p/s: In case if you are wondering why isn't my post peppered with all the "flowery" and "fiery" words despite my anger, there is only one reason to that -- my kid reads my blog.


あきこ said...

ive tried to order McD for delivery only once (since no warning or advice from people yet) but that will be my first and last time ordering McD delivery.

two hours is too much for me.

joshua said...


good mommy leading by example!

McD delivery service is notoriously known for its slowness.

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