Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sea, Sun & Sand @ Cherating

I sat for my Accounting Paper final exam last Sunday morning. Just the night before that, DH told me that we are going to Cherating for a short holiday. Yipee...I wasn't really concerned about where we were going actually, as long as we can unwind and relax. I needed time to de-stress and my little heroes had been asking us a million times about their next holiday trip.

We left home at about 10.30am on Monday. It took us slightly more than 5 hours to reach Cherating (made 2 stops along the journey for a quick lunch and coffee break).

We decided to stay in The Legend Resort for three days and two nights. My personal review on The Legend:
i) value for money (only RM190 per day) - had all the necessary amenities
ii) the room and bathroom were very clean (even though they looked rather old)
iii) friendly and helpful staff
iv) well-maintained playground & three swimming pools

It's definitely not a place for a romantic getaway but fantastic enough to relax and de-stress.

Check out how my little heroes enjoyed themselves while we were there:

What?!? No Astro?!? OH NO!!!

Gimme a piggy ride, please...


Let me help you, little bro.

Wei Jin: mini crab hunting

Bonding time: a stroll by the beach

Most of the time, my three heroes were in the pool!

Btw, DH...this pose isn't sexy at all la :))

Hungry? Take a short walk to a seafood restaurant located just by the entrance of the resort. The food is good and the price is reasonable. It was crowded during dinner time. We waited for about 45 mins before we were served with our food:(

tired & hungry & sweaty (...& slowly losing patience)

DH & You Jin: clowning around out of boredom

We drove over to Club Med and Turtle Sanctuary. We intended to go turtle watching that night but we changed our mind: RM55 per adult and RM25 per kid for turtle watching and there's no guarantee that there'll be turtles waving at you and say hi...kind of expensive (just my humble opinion).

DH: turtle eggs parttime guard (?)

VERDICT: We definitely had a wonderful time there in Cherating.

We would certainly look forward for another trip to Cherating. Eastern Pavillion next year, DH?

Happy Anniversary :)


terence said...

must be fun to have a family outing...
nice day ahead...

TNH said...

Happy nice can have an outing activity with family..miss home lots...

libpuritan said...

you're sweet. you add a D before H. i just call mine H. grin. =) this looks like a lovely break.

Life Ramblings said...

it's great to take a vacation to unwind from the hectic lifestyle.

Calvin Soo KJ said...

aiya...why never ask me. im staying in kuantan....very near cherating. actually there are more places that you can go to. cheaper and more cosier....but anyways, glad you have a wonderful time with your family. cheers...

Pete said...

The Legend is a nice place. Good price at RM190.

CazzyCazz a.k.a Micz said...

Oh dear, i love family trip!! But my parents prefer their trips without me!! LOL..... Glad you had a great time with your family!

Dan and Tina said...

Happy Anniversary!

You have a beautiful family!

Take care and ENJOY!

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