Friday, October 31, 2008


Dear readers / visitors / viewers,

I would be very, very grateful if someone can help me with the darn layout of my blog. I don't recall fiddling with any of the html stuff at all, yet the layout has been changed and now my profile, archive and basically everything that is supposed to be on the right had literally jumped to the bottom of my blog. In other words, MY BLOG LOOKS VERY CACAT now.

Any kind souls out there?


Johnny Ong said...

i got problem with my blog template too. if u look at my blog under (with all blog posts) and then compare with any of those single blog posting template, you'll see certain info on the left hand column has disappeared in the latter

Kevin said...

I certainly hope it's not a hacker's job. But having changed two templates before, I find that each time I change, some info will go missing; i believe it has something to do with the new templates which do not match Blogger's own conventions

In addition, if you have some XML knowledge, you could create your own template, you'll have better control of how your template looks like. Well, long story.

The moral of the story is, once you change the template, you need to redo all your widgets. So i'll stick to mine and i'll not go through the same hassle again :) link's missing - guess it's a sign that my blog contents need an overhaul.

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