Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When my Little Baby ain't a Baby Anymore...

"Mommy, can you please do this for me..."





"I can do it!"

"I can do it!" All parents have heard this phrase from their kids. Sometimes, it's shouted to convey, "Back off, I can handle this myself!" Other times, it means, "Look what I can do. Aren't you proud of me?"

When my little heroes started showing interest to help me with the household chores, I was very delighted indeed. Their little helping hands proved to be useful especially now that we do not have a maid around anymore to help us. Nah...I'm not turning them into my mini maids, just mini clean-up partners.

These are the little chores that my little heroes have been doing for quite some time:

1. sort out the laundry

2. clear dining table after meals

3. make their beds

4. put away their toys

5. water the plants

At first, I was rather sceptical about the idea of asking them to do all those little chores because in my mind, they are still "too young" and they are still my babies. But then, I realised that if they have the desire to help around, why should I hold them back. After all, it's a sign of my little heroes becoming independent.

The problems that often occur when my heroes help around the house are: the chores will take twice as long and I'll have to clean up once the chores are done (sigh...). However, as long as my litttle heroes are showing initiative and interest, I guess I'll just have to encourage them even though I know I'll end up having double chores at the end of the day. With some encouragement, I bet they'll be able to master the chores...one day:)

p/s: I don't really know why, but somehow the 4th chore DOES NOT seem to be their favourite :D


Eryn said...

Hey. Your heroes are so cute! It's good to train them at early age. Else they will be lazy worm when they grow up and let you do everything. Hehe.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. The food makes me drool too but still I have to blog about them. =D

Love-a-lot Bear said...

Hmm, reminds me when I was younger I didn't want to do anything but watching TV :)

vertigonick said...

sigh. im 20 years old and most of the time i don't even make MY bed.. gotta change. u are blessed 2 have these kids:D

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