Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday to You Jin

17th of July 2002: We were blessed with a little bundle of joy named You Jin. Yup, my little elder hero doesn't have Christian name -- most people thought that his name is Eugene! I had decided that even though I speak very little Mandarin (you can call me a banana... I don't care), I would prefer my little ones to have their names spelt according to the Hanyu Pinyin. You Jin means 'fine glory' in Mandarin:)

Anyway, You Jin's 6th birthday was celebrated in a very special way today. Instead of celebrating it at home, we had one in school. After all, this is his final year in kindy and we wanted him to have fun with his classmates. Check out the photos:

Say CHEESE...ooops, I forgot the cake:D

Say CHEESE again...this time with the birthday cake:D

Make a wish and blow the candles...errr, please be careful with your saliva.

You Jin: cutting the cake. Wei Jin: eyeing at the Mickey Mouse's ear:D

A birthday kiss from Wei Jin

A birthday hug from Wei Jin

Mummy, don't forget to take pictures of my friends.

Kids having fun: makan time & games

** Special thanks to:

- Teacher Doreen: a million thanks for all the support & guidance throughout these three years:)

- Teacher Vivian & Teacher Sock Ching: the party went on smoothly with your help:)

- Sherena (McD MP): thanks for the excellent service. McD rocks:))

- You Jin's classmates: thanks for the gifts; stay cute :D


Kevin said...

Wa, that teacher in green so garang one ah? Garang tapi caring, tak per.

Ai-Ling said...

Looks can be deceiving:D
Believe it or not, the teachers at that place DO NOT use any rotan and they don't even scream at the kids at all. I was amazed looking at how the two teachers (the one in green & another one holding a balloon) run the party for 20 six-year-olds.

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